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Software packages tailored to meet your needs

Here at AB Technology, we have developed various software packages over our 25 years experience in the metrology industry. Every time we have heard our clients calls for a package that meets their exact requirements and rose the challenge. We are experienced developers writing software applications that can be run as standalone packages, integrate with your inspection software, or be called from the command line. Our project to date include:

  • Virtual controllers (MMclient)
  • Post processing of critical dimensions
  • Assembly analysis of components

MMclient, our virtual controller

Do you run the MeasureMax software with a CMM controller that is no longer supported by the OEM? Are you looking at upgrading to a modern controller but find the cost of upgrading your existing inspection programs off-putting or have an essential need for continuity?

MMclient is the solution for companies that are looking to upgrade their aging Sheffield Measurement CMM controller but don’t want to spend the time and resources to re-write all their existing measurement programs. With MMclient, you can replace your obsolete controller with a modern Renishaw UCC Server, whilst still being able to run your legacy MeasureMax programs. This means you can continue using your existing MeasureMax software and measurement programs, and capitalize on the benefits of the work you’ve already put into them, whilst ensuring that your CMM equipment remains a valuable asset to your production process.

MMclient logo - virtual cmm controller
MMclient Logo

Additionally, MMclient allows you to transition to the modern software, Renishaw’s Modus, at your own pace. This means you can keep running old programs during the transition phase. This is a great solution for companies that want to upgrade their CMM equipment, but don’t want to disrupt their production while they are retraining and rewriting all their inspection programs.

With MMclient you can have the best of both worlds, the reliability of modern hardware and the ability to use your existing MeasureMax software and measurement programs. It offers a cost-effective and efficient solution that allows you to upgrade your CMM equipment without having to disrupt your production process.

Post processing of critical dimensions

We have developed many customer specific software applications for data analysis where standard software falls short and OEM solutions aren’t practical.  Our software packages are lightweight and cost effective executables that can be called from most OEM inspection software, or run as standalone software packages. An example of this is our work with leading aerofoil manufacturers where a need was identified to post processing CMM scan data for out of plane drift of complex 3D surface measurements.  Taking on the challenge, we developed an application to compensate for the drift and calculate an accurate centroid for the aerofoil section. No matter what your requirement or industry, we want to help you get the detail you need.

Bespoke assembly analysis packages

When assembling complex components, knowing how they will fit together in advance can be invaluable for delivering the right quality on time and within budget. By combining our expert knowledge of metrology, engineering dimensioning and tolerancing and programming skills together with our customers knowledge of their product, our Engineers have helped multiple companies by delivering bespoke solutions.  From delivering a software and metrology solution that allows the accurate prediction and assembly of multiple components into a balanced rotor first time, to the analysis of safety critical assembly interactions our team has a proven track record.

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About Us

AB Technology started out as an independent CMM Inspection & Programming company based near Nottingham, UK. Over the last 25+ years, we have expanded our services to include 3D scanning and reverse engineering, serving customers of all sizes, across an array of industry sectors, both domestically and internationally.