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5 Axis REVO CMM inspection services measurement of engine block

First Article Inspection Services

Our First Article Inspection Service is designed to make your life easy. When you’re introducing a new or improved production line, we help ensure you’re producing quality products from the first part, protecting your business and your reputation.

Full service First Article Inspection provider

Generating and completing First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs) is a core part of our business at AB Technology. We offer a full service First Article Inspection package. From generating your ballooned drawings and report templates, creating all inspection programs and procedures, through to populating FAI reports for you. We are experts at helping you through this vital milestone in the production process.

If your customer has requested a First Article Inspection contact us for support.

Do you need a First Article Inspection Report?

First Article reports are normally required after your first production run, once all process development has been competed. A full or partial FAIR should also be carried out if any changes are made to an existing production process. Our FAI reports help you to mitigate risk by verifying your production process is producing conforming parts.

An FAI report is often a customer requirement determined by the relevant quality management procedures, such as PPAP in the automotive industry or AS9100 in the aerospace industry. The FAIR details the conformance of the product to the drawing requirements, giving both you and your customer confidence in the production process.

GOM 3D comparison to CAD colour map results.

You should consider conduct a FAIR when:

  • Your new production process has been finalised
  • You make any change that may affect the form, fit, or function of your product including:
    • Change of manufacturing process
    • Change of inspection method
    • Change of supplier
    • Change to production location
A ballooned engineering drawing for first article inspection with dimensional inspection service
Engineering drawing ballooned ready for First Article Inspection
Example First Article Inspection Report - Form 3
First Article Inspection Form 3 ready for dimensional inspection results

What you can expect from our First Article Inspection service

  • Ballooned copies of your drawings (if required)
  • Measurement of design characteristics using our in-house dimensional inspection service
  • A populated first article inspection report (often referred to as a Form 3 or FAIR)
  • Optional csv & pdf reports to support your engineering and manufacturing teams

How we will complete your First Article Report

We will fully inspect your sample part (or a sample from the first batch of parts) against your part drawing requirements. Unless specified, all features will be checked against the associated drawing tolerances by inspecting the part(s) using methods such as CMM inspection, non-contact inspection (3D laser scanning), or hand tools (vernier calipers, micrometers, projectors). Once we have completed the inspection process, we will populate your Form 3 report for you to review.

Quality Assurance

All First Article Inspection work is undertaken in our temperature controlled laboratory. We are SafeContractor approved and our management processes are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

UKAS Management Systems ISO 9001 ISOQAR Accredited

Certificate Number: 3001
ISO 9001:2015

SafeContractor Approved Accreditation Logo for CMM Inspection and programming.

Certificate Number: SR0847

Last Article Inspection?

If you are modifying an existing production process in such a way that a new FAIR will be required, we recommend completing a Last Article Inspection (LAI) report prior to making any changes. Last Article Inspection reports are completed in much the same way as a First Article Inspection, except as the name implies, the last part (or a sample from the last batch) is inspected. Having both a FAI and LAI report gives you definitive and quantifiable before and after results for your modification.

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