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Example Downloads from our 3D Scanning Service

Read about the various files formats your 3D scan data can be supplied in and download examples. Click the download buttons to download example data to check compatibility with your software.

Point cloud created by 3D scanning services - Scan to point cloud using 3D laser scanning

Point Cloud

The most simplistic representation of a 2D or 3D object in the digital world, a point cloud is a list of coordinates of points that define the surface of an object. A point cloud is usually an intermediate file format output by a 3D scanning system. It is commonly used to create more useful CAD files, such as an STL mesh.

Triangulated mesh created by 3D scanning services - Scan to Mesh using 3D laser scanning

Mesh Model

A step up from a point cloud is a mesh. A mesh is a series of small surfaces, usually triangles, created by joining up the points of a point cloud, to give a 3D representation of the shape of the object. Common uses include 3D printing, 3D rendering for animations, and as a starting point for reverse engineering design intent CAD models.

NURBS surface model created form point cloud generated using our 3D scanning service

Surface Model

NURBS surface model is a series of surfaces that are mathematically defined and approximate the surface of the object. They can be used in most CAD packages for slicing and creating solid models.

Usually supplied in .stp / .step file format.

Parametric model - Reverse engineering using 3D laser scanning service to create step file CAD model

Design Intent Solid Model

A solid model that matches the original design intent. Cylindrical surfaces are true cylinders, planar surfaces are true planes. They can very easily be modified and updated.

Usually supplied in .stp / .step or .iges file format.

The AB Technology Logo as a DXF drawing, with white lines on a black background.

2D DXF Drawing

A common file format for 2D drawings, DXF files can be imported into most CAD packages. It is commonly used for designing parts to be cut out of sheet material, such as wood, acrylic and metal plates.

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AB Technology started out as an independent CMM Inspection & Programming company based near Nottingham, UK. Over the last 25+ years, we have expanded our services to include 3D scanning and reverse engineering, serving customers of all sizes, across an array of industry sectors, both domestically and internationally.