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On-site 3D Scanning Service for Large and Precious Items

If you need to scan bulky, heavy or expensive items, our mobile 3D scanning service is the perfect solution. Our on-site services offer you the ability to capture high detail 3D scans of your large and precious items without the need for transportation.

Advantages of our Mobile Scanning Service

Person 3D scanning on-site to digitally capture a large metal part.

Scan Large and Bulky Items: One of the main advantages of our mobile 3D scanning service is our ability to scan large and bulky items on-site. Whether you need to scan an engine block, lifting frame, or a statue, we can bring our scanning equipment to your site and capture highly detailed 3D scans.

Reduce downtime: Our mobile scanning service enables you to minimise downtime of critical components. If having your parts off-site will cause your production process to stop, we can bring our scanning equipment to your site. This means your equipment is only out of action for the time it actually takes us to scan your parts.

Preserve Precious Items: Some items are simply too precious to be transported, especially if they are fragile or rare. By bringing our scanning equipment to your site, we can capture 3D scans of these items without risking any loss or damage during transportation.

Scan immovable objects: Sometimes it’s not about the convenience, sometime objects simply cannot be moved! Our on-site 3D scanning process enables us to scan things that would otherwise be impossible to scan. This includes windows and doorways for custom fittings to be made.

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About Us

AB Technology started out as an independent CMM Inspection & Programming company based near Nottingham, UK. Over the last 25+ years, we have expanded our services to include 3D scanning and reverse engineering, serving customers of all sizes, across an array of industry sectors, both domestically and internationally.