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Case Study: Combining 3D Scanning and 3D Printing To Save A Door.

The small grey door latch that required 3D scanning.

The Problem

Our customer had a simple component from a magnetic door latch that had broken and they were having issues sourcing a suitable replacement as the part has since been discontinued. The OEM offered a replacement part but when it arrived, its magnet’s polarity was reversed and since it came as a sealed unit, it was incompatible with the existing setup. Replacing the whole latch wasn’t an option as it would ruin the door and replacing the whole door would be expensive and messy.

The Solution

We used our structured light scanner and rotary table to 3D scan the replacement part, capturing all its fine detail precisely, to ensure the new version would fit as good as the original. We made a simple modification to the 3D model to allow the customer to fit their own magnet, and our job was complete.

The Result

The customer was able to get a new part 3D printed by a third party using our scanned STL model. The new latch was a perfect fit and worked flawlessly.


This case study shows how 3D scanning and printing can be used to extend the lift of products and help avoid the substantial costs of replacing a full unit, for the sake of a small and seemingly inconspicuous component. It demonstrates the power of creative solutions in preserving both resources and functionality.

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