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A small detailed component being inspected using non-contact inspection services (3D Scanning).

Our 3D Scanning Service for Small Objects and Fine Detail

We offer a professional 3D scanning service tailored to small objects and intricate details. We use the latest high-resolution desktop and handheld scanners to ensure that even the finest details are accurately captured. Our desktop scanner is specifically designed for scanning small objects, and is equipped with high-resolution capabilities that produce detailed 3D models. With a point spacing as small as 0.035 mm, our scanner delivers exceptional precision and accuracy. Combining our 3D scanners with our ability to overcheck critical features with our ultra precision CMMs means you always get the best quality from us.

Want to see examples of our work?

Check out our 3D scanning portfolio to see examples of STL models we’ve scanned.

High-resolution data capture

We only use professional grade scanners with high resolution capabilities, because without sufficient resolution a scanner simply cannot see fine detail, no matter how many points you capture. To ensure we deliver on quality, we put all our scanners through a series of tests against UKAS calibrated artefacts and known samples to verify they are up to the task of capturing the high level of detail our customers expect.

Verifying the accuracy of fine detail scanning

A 3D scanned mesh of a door latch with small details created by our 3D scanning service.

A key advantage of working with us, is our ability to verify high-precision parts using our Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). It gives us the ability to verify scans and ensure we meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Our CMM equipment is capable of measuring parts with an accuracy of just a few microns, ensuring that any precision features are measured to the highest level of precision.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we work closely with our customers to ensure that we fully understand your needs and requirements. Whether you have a small part or a large part with intricate details, we have the knowhow and equipment necessary to capture every detail accurately.

Quality Assurance

All in-house 3D scanning is completed in our temperature controlled laboratory. We are SafeContractor approved for on-site 3d scanning services. Our management processes are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

UKAS Management Systems ISO 9001 ISOQAR Accredited

Certificate Number: 3001
ISO 9001:2015

SafeContractor Approved Accreditation Logo for CMM Inspection and programming.

Certificate Number: SR0847

Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats do you use for 3D scan data?

The most common mesh file format for 3D scan data is STL, with OBJ and PLY also being very common. Our download page has example files you can download. Contact us if you need a format not listed or you’d like more information about the file format options.

What is the smallest object you can scan?

We can scan most items from around 20 mm. One of the smallest things we’ve scanned is a gauge block measuring just 0.5 mm x 9.0 x 30 mm. Other examples include a 1:64 model car, a bicycle derailleur hanger, and a custom 12 pin electrical connector.

How long does it take to scan to STL mesh?

The scanning process can vary depending on the complexity and size of the object. In general, a most small objects can be scanned in an hour, while a larger object can sometimes take a full day. As part of your personalised quote we will provide you with a cost and an estimated lead-time.

Can you convert my STL mesh to parametric CAD?

Yes! We can scan your part to STL mesh and then create you a solid parametric model in .stp or similar format. See our Scan to CAD and Reverse Engineering pages for more information.

We are always happy to help and discuss your projects to get in touch today.

or read more about our other 3D scanning services.

About Us

AB Technology started out as an independent CMM Inspection & Programming company based near Nottingham, UK. Over the last 25+ years, we have expanded our services to include 3D scanning and reverse engineering, serving customers of all sizes, across an array of industry sectors, both domestically and internationally.